Peppa & Dance Crew

Peppa and crew are dedicated to producing dynamic Entertainment and Performances for your Events. Dedicated to Hip Hop Culture and Street Dances, the crew can provide Entertainment in the form of a variety of Street Dancers including Hip Hop Dancers, Break Dancers, B-boy/B-girls, Poppers, Lockers, and Funk Style Dancers to entertain and engage your guests, creating a fresh, funky, & fun environment.

Members of the crew have worked with huge recording artists like Rihanna , Coldplay, Usher, Justin Bieber, Pink, Marilyn Manson, and have appeared in T.V. Shows like Dancing with the Stars, Dance Machine, as well as in many Music Videos, Live Stage Shows, like in Disneyland, Feature Films like Step Up 3D and You Got Served, Bboy Videos, National Battles and Competitions, Street Performances, Events, & Night Clubs.

Peppa & crew are known to deliver a highly explosive, entertaining, and high energy shows that will liven up your event. They know how to fit in to your family, or company, and can engage your guests in games, dance battles, and contests. Members of the crew are very passionate about entertaining people through arts like Dance, MC-ing, and DJing. Each person’s personality involves bringing smiles to the room and encouraging guests to participate.