DJ Jason

Jason started his DJ career early in high school after falling in love with the art during a foreign exchange trip to Japan. He started DJing house parties and school events, as well as sampling records and producing music. Upon arriving in the San Francisco Bay Area to attend UC Berkeley, Jason dove head-on into the local music scene, DJing at parties, college events, and local clubs, as well as developing as a regionally respected producer and MC.

Since moving to LA, he has had the opportunity to spin for and collaborate with major clientele such as Snoop Dogg, Quiksilver, Shing02, Living Legends, Freestyle Fellowship, International Creative Management, Cyrcle Brand, The Candy Shack, and more. From playing on international festival tours in front of thousands to DJing intimate weddings, private parties, and Hollywood gallery events, DJ Jason’s depth of experience, diverse taste in music, and producer’s approach to mixing music set him apart from the average DJ. With an instinctive ear and sharp reflexes, Jason’s skills on the turntables are balanced by his passion for creating the perfect atmosphere for any event. Far from shy, his experience doubling as an MC at events across the globe has contributed to his natural ability to win the crowd and guide them home. Let DJ Jason make your event one to always remember.

Galaxy Theater
Club Six
Liquid Room
International Creative Management
Maryjoy Recordings